Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Lovers to Strangers

9.November.2009(On a Monday)
12.32am Sunday night

Hello world.
It has been long.
I finally blogged.
When i can't sleep i blog.
But that doesn't mean i can sleep soundly.
The past kept me sleepless.
But i can't control the whole scenerio.
I felt so helpless.
From lovers to strangers.
It's something unbelieveable.
I hope god can mend the broken heart.
Crying does not help.
So i've learnt to stop and endure already.
I'm tired.
Everything has a reason behind.
But i'm clueless about everything.
Happiness is what i'm seeking for.
But it seems so far away.
I appear to be happy.
But at the end of the day, i asked myself "Am i really happy?"
No one knows.
Only god knows why.

I guess it's time i close this down. Bye world.
I hope all of you will be happy.