Friday, April 17, 2009

My boyfriend.

18.April.2009(On a Saturday)
2.50am, 17 April.

My boyfriend..
is 24 this year,
was borned on 16 March 1985,
always gives in to me,
speaks chinese to me although he's an ang moh gan dang,
hates drinking sour stuffs or anything to do with lemon/lime,
hates eating noodles with vinegar,
use very little chilli or sauce,
is sweet by nature,
stood by me during my ups and downs,
enjoys taking neoprints with me,
is full of charisma,
loves facial products/ skincare alot,
brews very good herbal tea,
cooks very well,
paints my life perfect everytime with his hugs,
is always very romantic,
has very good taste that i adore,
has the sense of humour,
makes me laugh everytime with his silly actions,
loves eating sweet as much as i do,
loves coffee more than me,
smokes like a chimney,
smiles all the time,
smells really good,
is seldom angry,
is Justin Tan Xing Liang,
and he loves me as much as i love him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back from Thailand.

8.April.2009(On a Wednesday)
1.35am, 7th april

Back from Thailand

Went for a short trip in Bangkok, Thailand. We shop and shop till we dropped. I miss Justin Tan Xing Liang like mad. It's torturing not to torture him for 5 days.

The following are evidence of me missing him:

3 April 2009, 5.17pm:
Hubs!!! Me in Thai le!!! I start to miss u like mad! Eh u knw the cathay food sucks big time! HAHA! Go back i show u the pic u will chio ga peng! I love u dear!

3 April 2009, 11.01pm:
Hubs! Oh my god its maddness we spent whole day shopping at just opp the hotel! So much shopping! Cant shop finish! hw i wish u can cum here shop with me. Miss u!!!

4 April 2009, 1.00am:
I miss u like mad u knw! dats why i kip msg u! Dear i knw i'm in thai still bu fang guo ni!! DEAR, OH MY GOD WO HEN XIANG NI ! CAN'T WAIT TO COME HOME!

5 April 2009, 12.39am:
Hubs!!! Watcha doing? I miss u like mad!!! excited to go back hug u, eat tepanyaki with you!!! Every min i think of you!!!

5 April 2009, 1.14am:
Ok dear! anyway the breakfast so-so only! Sian! HAHA OH MY GOD DEAR I GONA TABAO MISTER DONUT FOR U! VERY NICE! YOU WILL LOVE ME!

5 April 2009, 4.03pm:
When i saw the hotel's scrambled egg, i tink of u cox urs is nicer. When i saw the fake bun dat ur sis buy to trick u, i tink of u. Thailand has so many tings dat make me tink of u.

5 April 2009, 10.54pm:
hubs! How are u today? Havent heard frm u the whole day! You ok? Anyway i miss u hubs! Finally tmr last day!

6 April 2009, 2.05am:
I tink of u every min and sec and for many times i just stone cus i just want to msg u, making sure u're ok. I yearn for u so much. I miss u dear. =~(

6 April 2009, 11.38pm:
Hubs. u knw wad? 15hr more to irritating u, eating with u, spending time with u, laughing at ur jokes with u, being happy with u.

7 April 2009, 2.25am;
TAN XING LIANG!!! I'm very excited to see you tmr! Can't wait! HAHA! I miss u so much u knw?!?! Hope u're excited abt tmr too!

When i exit from the customs, i thought Justin Tan Xing Liang is outside waiting for me and my sis, but he was not in sight. So i decided to ring him up to give him a good lecture.

Me: Dear, i'm here already!
BF: Dear, i'm here too!
Me: Where are you? I didn't see you!
BF: I never see you too!
Me: I'm at belt 18. Where you?
BF: Oh, i'm at belt 23.
Me: -_-""

When he walked towards me, i stared at him real hard.

Me: You went to belt 23 to fetch who? Another girl right?

My bf must be too excited to meet me till he saw the belt number wrongly and the cute him waited so patiently for me at belt 23.

P/s: It has been a torturing 5 days. I'm glad i'm back here to embrace you once again. When i saw you at the airport, i start to smile so brightly. It's you who always make me smile. I love you when you hug me so tight when you see me. I can feel how much you miss me for this 5 days. I love you for you're the one who loves me unconditionally and everything about you is real.