Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear's back from Thailand

27.May.2009(On a Wednesday)

Sometimes, will you speak something out to realise that you can't take back your words? You wish to rewind the entire scenerio but your words are faster than your mind. I went to fetch dear and family from the airport last night and the silly headed me said something that i can't rewind. When i was driving, auntie(dear's mum) was asking me some questions.

Auntie: Do you feel that the soup/ drinks in thailand are very sweet?
Me: Oh yes, i think the drinks quite sweet. But soup i'm not very sure.
Auntie: Yah and i think thailand is very dirty. More dirty than Malaysia.
Me: Oh really ah? I think Malaysia worst than Thailand? (Oh my GOD!!! Crap, auntie is from Ipoh, Malaysia)
Just at that moment, i heard dear gasping for air beside me and let out a Oh my god kind of giggle.
Auntie: No, if you see Malaysia is much more cleaner than Thailand. Like the cities and all, where got dirty? You go Thailand you see puddles of water everywhere, so dirty.
Me: Oh, ya alot of dirty water. (Turns pale)

And at night, when dear and i went for supper at teochew porridge. He was telling me about the things i said just now. And i feel really bad. And when dear told me to go to his house for lunch today, he was joking to me saying that next time just say that Malaysia is very clean and his mum will forgive me.

Shoutout: Auntie, dui bu qi, wo hen ai ni. Malaysia zhen de hen qing jie.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's the sweetest

16.May.2009(On a Saturday)

He's everyone's favourite

Isn't it every girl's dream to have a wonderful boyfriend whom dote on you, love your family and everyone at home? Some might think their boyfriend is the sweetest thing on earth because they're being showered with branded, expensive dinner and expensive dates. But i beg to differ. My boyfriend is truely someone so caring that i can never believe. He buys dinner for my grandma, ask her how is she coping and is she feeling much better. Things like these beats world's renowned designers and monogram bags. Knowing someone out there that you meet loves your family like his own, cares for their meals, their health and all makes me want to say a big thank you to him. He came to my house to watch Arsenal and Man-U match just now and i was disturbing him time to time. And he answered some of my questions in a very silly way.

Me: Dear, now i know why your metabolism so good. Smoking increases metabolism. (Big stare)
BF: Yah, some people shit then Pang sai.
Me: HUH? Say again.
BF: Some people Pang sai then shit. (engrossed with the match)
Me: Isn't Pang sai=shit?
BF: SHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (Puts his fingers on his lips and CONTINUES TO WATCH THE MATCH)

MAN! The most horrible creature.

That's my bf for you guys. Never marry a sportsman.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never been so hurt

6.May.2009(On a Wednesday)
12.20am 5 May night

A tiff.

We had a tiff today, until i just want to jump off a cliff man. I was feeling so down since yesterday because my grandma was hospitalised and i had to work full shift. Dear sms-ed me telling me that he'll be coming over to drive me after work. He knows i'm tired, depressed and needs someone to be there, though i never tell him. And it's all the things he have done for me, i wanna say a big "THANK YOU" to him. We went to Chomp Chomp for dinner as i was craving for the carrot cake so badly. When we were in the car, dear was telling me what happens if the store wasn't open. I told him that wont happened as i went so many times, the store is always open. And seriously buy 4D also not so zhun. The store is really not open. DAMN! We headed home after that and i told him that i was going to visit my grandma the next day, but i'm not sure about that as the hospital only allows 1 visitor per day and i will buy him lunch and reach about 12pm at his house. But when i woke up and all, my sister was telling me that the visiting hour is from 12pm-2pm only. And they only allow 1 visitor per day. So i went to sms hubs that i will be at his house at around 2 plus. He replied saying that It's ok he will settle his own lunch and asked me to stay with my grandma as she needs me. But thru his sms, i know he's not feeling good and all. I kept sms him and ask if he's ok, he told me he is. But later part when i was about to leave the house to the hospital, my father called and told me that my uncle is there already so i can't visit grandma for today. I immediately sms-ed him and told him i cant visit grandma already and told him i wanted to buy lunch for him. And he told me to stay at home and drink more water don't go out etc. OBVIOUSLY there is something wrong already as he sound so disappointed and monotone on phone. But in the end in the evening, i managed to visit grandma and i came home calling hubs. In the midst of the conversation, he started to get cranky again and i told him i wanted to hit the sack already and asked him to go do his own things. As i seriously dont want to pick a fight with him. In the end, he reason things out with me saying that he cooked lunch for me, but i was so last min that he ended pouring away the food away. I was really sorry for that and i apologised to him in the afternoon. But things start to get sour again when i called him so that explains him reasoning to me, crying and all. And to hear him cry on the phone is the last thing i ever wanted to do in life. I cried secretly with him as i really dont want to pick a fight with him in the 1st place. And i chose to run away. But i'm glad he's there to reason things out with me. I even joked that if he continues to shoot me at everything i say, i might have to go to shaolin to learn martial arts to battle with him. Not to worry, we're still as loving.

p/s: I love you dear. Thanks for everything. Except for the "DA DAO LI"