Friday, February 27, 2009


27.Feb.2009(On a Friday)
2.55am on 28.Feb.2009


Went to Dentist in the morning and next to meet Soo hui to pass her perfume in the afternoon at Toa Payoh. Met up with dear after that as we wanted to go to the soup restaurant to eat the samsui chicken and i was craving so badly for it. Went to the branch located in ROYAL PLAZA at scotts and we headed to heeren aftermath in search for some watches. Headed over to Cineleisure for some neoprints love! We then went to HortPark and to Jewel box for some drinks and heart to heart talk. Home Sweet Home after.

Love is about me and you

You make me smile once again!

Everything is possible with you around!

P/S my love: Thanks for everything dear! It's always happiness and laughter with you around! Thanks for buying the Korean Maggie Mee for me to try! And next time i will be less troublesome and just let you fetch from wherever i am! I know what you meant. And you always take the effort to fetch me home/go out regardless of any venue i am at. You make my life so beautiful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exams Fever

25.Feb.2009(On a Wednesday)
1.27am on 26th Feb 2009

Exams Fever

I was on my way home after work on the bus, taking a few winks and all. When i woke up, i saw this pregnant lady standing 2 seats away from me. She was using 1 hand to cover her stomach, preventing anybody to hit her. To my horror, the 2 guys beside me pretended to fall asleep! I stood up and tried to reach for her shoulders so i can give my seat up to her. She thank me and all, but the sight of pregnant lady standing on the bus makes me kinda sad for them. Where is all the Singaporean's morale man?

Bf's having exams next week so he's mugging like mad this few days but we never fail to chat everynight with his LAME jokes and all. He never fails to crack me up! He's having all my genes now being so hyper every min and sec. He's studying like a bookworm every night till morning, poor him! And guess what he does in the day? It's out of the ordinary!

BF: Hey Dear, can you return me the thermal flask?
Me: NOOOOOO! I thought you said you give that to me? So you're not supposed to take back! (Always disturb him)
BF: Errr yes i said that but can i have it back?
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!
BF: Errrr.....but if you dont give it back i can't give you the chrysanthemum tea i brew for you! And yes i brew chrysanthemum tea for you!
Me: Oh....then if that's the case, you go buy another flask yourself and give me the other flask also! AHAHHAHAHAH!
BF: Ok! Cancan. The next time i will make you different soup.
Me: So sweet can.
BF: Yes, i'm like a house husband!
Me: -_-""".HAHAHAHAH!

So besides studying, he's like making different kinds of healthy drinks for me.
I'm sorry bf i'm not a good housewife next time! But he promised to send me for cooking lessons in future! AHAHAHA!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple yet sweet

22.Feb.2009(On a Sunday)
2.12am 23 Feb 2009

Love-Simple yet sweet

Took my off today and accompanied Ruwen to Susan's bridal shop. Was supposed to meet dearest but some things cropped up so we ended up not meeting. Was suspecting something was wrong with my phone again. Indeed when i was replying some mails i received a call from BF at around 9 plus.

BF: Dear, what happened to your hp?
Me: Oh shit, i think got problem again?
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like what's new?
BF: Dear, are you thirsty?
Me: Huh?EHhh...NooOoo?
BF: Why you not thirsty dear? I think you must be thirsty!
Me: Ehhh, but i really not thirsty.
BF: Dear, can you be thirsty?
Me: Huh? Oh Ok i'm thirsty.
BF: Ok dear, see you in 15 mins i coming your house now give you the barley water i made for you! I'll call you when i reached!
Me: (Beaming with joy) Oh Ok dear, then can you call my other number?
BF: Dont worry dear i'll call both of your number!

He's sucha sweetheart.=)

The reasons why i love my bf so much:
-He's always there for me.
-He never flares up at me.
-He's always ever ready to meet me compromise to my timing.
-He always does sweet things that makes me go "Awwwww".
-He's the only one who has so much telepathy with me.
-He knows i love food so much and he always bring me to different places to dine.
-He's always patient with me.
-He knows how to juggle between sch,work and me!
-He always make sure i'm ok.
-He is always there for me to irritate.
-He speaks good english.
-He can type both chinese and hokkein Hanyu Pinyin very well although he's a gan dang. He type funny words like "Dear, you huat seo?" "Dear, i got kar and chiew!"
-He's the only 1 i often think of.
-He always ask what i want and he orders that for me.
-He has good taste and i love everything that he buys for me.
-He drives my sister and I to the pet farm, knowing my sister loves dogs.
-He is willing to go the extra mile just for me, just to see me happy.
-He always put me before self.

He's the love i've been looking for all along. =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


19.Feb.2009(On a Thursday)
1.14am on 20th Feb

We caught "He's just NOT that into you"

I went to help out at the Nike's fashion show today from 8am-5pm. I'm allowed to bring home Nike apparels, latest collection FREE! I LOVE FREEBIES! I took a jacket, 3 ladies tee and 1 man tee and a pants. Gave the man's tee and 1 of the ladies tee to dear and his sis. Met up with him in town to change my sim card at Plaza Singapura. And hilarious things happened again. Like the person at the counter dont know how to open up my sim card/hp/battery and all. And i'm also puzzled too. Went to dine at Crystal Jade aftermath with dear. Caught the movie "He's just NOT that into you" at Vivo city. Headed home after that. A sweet and lovely time spent with dearest though the movie was kinda draggy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So sweet

16.feb.2009(On a Monday)

jUStiN™ is @ home. Lov said (9:10 AM):
When I lost faith,you believed in me, when I stumbled, you were right there, For every act of love you've done,I owe you one.There were hard times, I know I survived, just because you stayed by my side.
With all I have, with all I am, I promise you all my life. Whenever the road is too long, whenever the wind is too strong, wherever this journey may lead to,I will be there for you. =)Luv u dear

Valentine's Day

15.Feb.2009(On a Sunday)
1.23am 16th Feb Night

Belated Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's day! Valentine's day was well-spent with dearest though it was kind of belated already when i met him after work. Drove to his house and i was too early and he was speeding his way home! HAHAA, sorry baby! The silly him bought lilies for me. He was walking from his car to mine carrying the bouquet of lilies with the silly grin of his face. I love lilies, i'm surprised he knows. Guess we have too much of a telepathy? We have the same taste and all, just that he loves lor-mee and chwee kueh whereas i don't. That's the only difference! We 1st headed to deliver a cologne to Elvin's house and headed to Sentosa aftermath. Halfway thru the journey, i suddenly remembered that i had bought him some royce chocs in the afternoon during lunch. Was rather panic and all to come up with an excuse to drive home and take, i told him i needed to get something from home. I took the presents and lilies up to my house and saw another box inside the burberry paper bag. But never did i know what was inside the box, a box full of surprises from the silly him. In Sentosa, we saw like a human mat(our joke) in Sentosa, it was really hilarious! The same reaction and thoughts running thru our mind and we burst out into laughter! HAHA! Ended the night at 3.30am and we both headed home. And the surprise was not only he bought me a burberry keypouch because he knows i'm a messy woman, is the other box that i mentioned earlier. He wrote 10 messages in 10 bottles and some of the messages are so hilarious. Let me share with you folks!

Justin's messages to Junia:
1) I LOVE the way you talk to me until i fall asleep.
2) I LOVE the way you hug me, with your ear upon my heart.
3) You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going!
4) I LOVE your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care!
5) Just being with you feels like I can defy the world!
6) Your LOVE gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead!
7)LOVE is what you mean to me and you mean everything.
8) You always make me feel that you are by my side no matter what!
9) I LOVE the way you stare at me with those beautiful eyes!

*The 10th msg got stuck in the bottle so yet to be revealed. HAHA!

The 1st message really cracks me up as when i 1st know him, he was sucha sleepy head that he dozes off when i was in a midst of my conversation with him. I hear no replies and all and repeated 2 HELLOS then he finally replied with a "OH yes yes, i'm here." He's trying to fake awake but i ain't no 3 years old! HEHE! That's my bf for you folks!

To my love:
The night was fun driving a bus(Honda Stream), burrying my feet with sand, passing the sand with both our hands and it takes 2 hands to clap, staring hard at the human mat in the sand cove. The night was splendid and well-spent!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

14.Feb.2009(On a Saturday)

Happy Valentine's Day to all

I'm going to meet Bf later in the night! I'm excited to see the silly dearest. The one who is always there for me.

This is a letter that he sent me :

Dearest Weiqi,
Sometimes at night..when I look 2 e sky..I start thinking of u n then ask myself “why”, “Why do I love you?” I think and smile, becoz I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of yr voice, e warmth of yr touch, so mani little things make me luv u so much. The way u support me..even my silly notions. The way tt u care n show such devotion..e way tt yr kiss, fills me wif desire n how u hold me wif e warmth of a fire. The way yr eyes shine when u look at me, lost wif u 4ever is where I want to be..the way tt I feel when your by my side..a sense of completion n overflowing pride.The dreams tt I dream, tt all involve u..the possibilities I see..the tings we can you finish the puzzle that lies inside my deep in my soul..u are a very impt part.It's e beauty of yr's evrything tt udo...for I c happiness when I look at u..e way you dance,your silly wink..e wae u laugh..or simply how u blink. The love I feel when u hold me tight..a love 2 keep me warm thru e coldest of u make me feel, how you open up my heart. All e hopes that you bring right from the start. How yr tender kisses can put me in a daze. I love you dearie in each and every u lift me u gave me flight..4ever is wat I see when I look into yr heart beats to a new rhythm, a rhythm of love! all becox of u my angel sent frm above. u're my ray of light on those dark..gloomy days. u're the answer to all of my prayers. I can continue wif my list is endless. 4 I love you more and more as each day progresses. So why do I love you? ..let me tell you why..bcoz u're my hopes, my dreams, my love my life. I thank God he sent u to me..4 you and I were meant 2 be. We haf a bond too strong to break...we haf a love no one can you, I have found a love so heart is filled with love 4 you...Every time I see heart skips a beat..u make my life whole..u make my life love 4 you grows more with each passing day..e tot of yr gorgeous face takes my breath away! Those eyes fill my soul with happiness..Those luscious lips I love to kiss...The day when I become your husband will be the happiest day of my life. Even thinking of that day makes me smile..I can't wait utill I walk down that aisle.I dream of that day when we'll both say, "I do" 4 always and forever... I will love you. Love is being with you, Love is about me thinking of u no matter what happens, Love only happens because its you, I don’t doubt our love, because deep down in my heart I know I love you, I might complain but I only complain because I love u..Love is about forgiving each other, Love is going through obstacles...breaking all boundaries, I thank you for loving me, thank you for being there for me, thank you for letting me fall in love with you. I'm sorry to hurt you when I didn’t understand you, Love is just being able to spend sometime with u and loving every moment that I spent with you, seeing you and dreaming about our future, letting me know how blessed I am, Love is about me being worried about everything, Love is about me dreaming of you day and night, Love is giving up everything for the girl, seeing her smile no matter what happens giving her complete happiness, Love is about me and you, and it starts here my dear , no matter how hard this is going to be, no matter what we meet in future, I want to walk through it with you, I cant afford to lose you, I hope that we can grow old together, I don’t wish to lose you I need you...last but not least its one big I love you that I need to tell you, who I meet is not important as long as I have you. A million words from my heart, all summarized into a little compo written for you, a life with a girl, a life of mine, like the beautiful moments that are captured in the skies, feeling ur skin on mine, feeling your lips on mine, feelings that I cannot describe, just so full of love. We talked everything out yesterday and I felt much better, maybe its the way u put it to me, telling me dear your different assuring, looking at u when I was all silent, makes me feel so disgusted with myself, looking at your eyes when u want me to just tell u why! Why!? Seeing you makes me believe in love! Makes me feel special, not like before, in the past I felt like an empty soul, lost in his own world...till I met you. You are gorgeous, and I burn with desires to make you happy, this is an endless love, a love that would never end, always building up, always growing. I feel so secured when im in ur arms, when we just stand somewhere and give each other a hug, and u make me feel perfect in everyway, although I know im not that perfect, I think to I what u want? Is it really me...Could I have been ur mistake to fall in love with, this is where I feel so lucky, a princess of your kind had fallen for me...a peasant. I am nothing, you are everything...You are that girl who brought this peasant life of my complete happiness, a time where this boy felt that love was never there...u gave me the chances...I get annoyed at the faintest reason, you explain to me...with love and concern. Showing me not to be afraid, because your all mine. I believe! I believe u my dear, like the song when u touch my face, when u call my name.... I burn with desire. A desire to love you, a desire to see you smile, a desire to dare to dream about our future...And your all that in my eyes, a pretty angel from the skies to safe me from my miserable life.... Sitting in front of my com today, staring into the blank air, thinking of the girl, thinking of my love, telling people that I miss you and hoping to talk to you once again....I miss you. Justin, to a girl so special....dear…you made me realize that you’re my lucky star….the gorgeous princess of the fairy tale love story. You complete me...and I hope to complete your story…cos without you, there’s no story and life will mean a lot less to me…cos you’re that one piece of jigsaw which completes the whole picture puzzle.
Justin 140209

I LOVE you Justin Tan Xing Liang always!
He's my everything!