Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Lovers to Strangers

9.November.2009(On a Monday)
12.32am Sunday night

Hello world.
It has been long.
I finally blogged.
When i can't sleep i blog.
But that doesn't mean i can sleep soundly.
The past kept me sleepless.
But i can't control the whole scenerio.
I felt so helpless.
From lovers to strangers.
It's something unbelieveable.
I hope god can mend the broken heart.
Crying does not help.
So i've learnt to stop and endure already.
I'm tired.
Everything has a reason behind.
But i'm clueless about everything.
Happiness is what i'm seeking for.
But it seems so far away.
I appear to be happy.
But at the end of the day, i asked myself "Am i really happy?"
No one knows.
Only god knows why.

I guess it's time i close this down. Bye world.
I hope all of you will be happy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

down on my luck.

17.October.2009(On a Saturday)
12.07am on 16 October

I need a lucky charm

I'm seriously down on my luck recently. I need a lucky charm or a tailsman. HAHAHHA! I hope there's really a remote control so i can be in control of my life. Just like the movie "CLICK".

I want to be in control of the following:
-My destiny
-4D number
-My gender. (i want to be a male so i can break all the girls' heart. That's evil)
-My mum's mouth (Sexy lips but very naggy)
-The people that work with me

For now that's about all. HAHAH!


I used to cry alot. Whenever i lose someone i cry, whenever i think i'm losing someone i cry, whenever i get into a fight with someone i cry, when i'm worried i cry. Now i think i shouldnt cry anymore. I tried to hold my tears for one last time. I tell myself to not cry anymore. Crying does not help. I realised it makes my heart hurts so badly that it feels like it has been smashed. But for once i should give a pat to myself for not crying and to be able to hold back. I'm so weak, i really want to be strong. I can never change anything in life by crying. Finally i understand. I used to cry everyday but life still goes on. God is so kind to give us a chance to meet. Be it lovers or friends. The memories that we created and always kept. I thank god. Everything happen for a reason. Though i might not know why is god doing this now, maybe 1 day i will be able to accept and realised this whole thing is for my own good. The memories he gave me is so deep i doubt i will ever forget in life. The love we once shared is a whimsical feeling that only appears in fairy tales. Indeed a fairy tale come true but where's the happily ever after? And it's really fairy tale we're talking about. We're in reality so happily ever after dont really exist.

-We used to exchange pyjamas
-We used to worry so much for each other
-We used to share everything together
-We used to create every happiness together
-We used to miss each other like crazy when we're overseas
-We used to stroll down Marina keppel bay
-We used to call each other everyday without fail
-We used to take turns to drive each other
-We used to drive each other mad, madly in love
-We used to msg each other even though we're continents apart
-We used to take spastic photos

-I used to call you when i lose my way
-I used to call you when i can't park
-I used to call you to disturb you telling you i'll disturb you for life and you cant run away from me
-I used to stick to you so much
-I used to ask you to help me crack my old pack of bones
-I used to ask you to drive me here and there and you without complaining
-I used to cry at the slightest thing and you always ensuring me
-I used to buy you shampoos, perfumes and everything you need

-You used to bring me breakfast and giving me surprises
-You used to msg me whenever i MIA
-You used to worry whenever i dont msg you
-You used to take care of me whenever i'm sick
-You used to bring me to the doctor every month when i'm so sick and ill
-You used to brew me herbal tea
-You used to drive me here and there to make me happy
-You used to write me letters every month
-You used to bring me to the curry rice store
-You used to accompanying me wherever i go
-You used to disturb me about the meefen man

We used to be together.
But we're no longer.
I can't stop crying.
But it's a fact i can't change.
I'll try to move on.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


12.Oct.2009(On a Monday)
1.57am on 11 Oct

Random thoughts and doodles

"When 2 are together, happiness are doubled, sorrows are halfed."

My desktop is back to life.
But i cant download msn.
I know this is random.
But i'm afraid when i type they will turned out to be rubbish and nonsense.

My life is left in bits and pieces.
Geminis has double characters and i see that in myself.
I can be bubbly in the day and emo at night.
I can't tell the difference between happiness and sorrows already.
They seemed the same to me.
Everything is unpredictable.
I'm shot by the reality.
I'm running away.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Unlucky to the max

2.October.2009(On a Friday)

Real unlucky week

I've really gone through the worst this week. Super screwed up life/work/family etc. My work's really shit. After i went to work yesterday the staffs all came to question me regards to the buyer's mistakes and alot of customers called up and question, my boss called to lecture me of our returns. My collegues called and asked me how to handle the whole situation. I'm completely drained. At that moment i just want to scream. And i didn't even go for breaks, just in case something screwed up again and i'm not there.


And whenever i have off days, i will visit my grandparents and it's really irritating when both of my grandparents start to complain to me about each other. And start to scold me just because they're beating around the bush to spike the other party. I'm really totally drained. Too many things running until when i become weak and when i withdraw $ from the atm, i forgot to take the cash but luckily i remember and went back and the cash's still there. I forgot this, forgot that. So many things. I worry too much and i think too much. And i'm running away from reality, after yesterday and the entire drama mama, i told my collegues i need a break despite having so many breaks. I need a break to clear my wandering soul. And i went to my grandparents' place and there they are again complaining.

p/s: To be able to live is happiness, but to know how to live is miserable.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm sorry

30.September.2009(On a Wednesday)

I'm Sorry.

I'm sorry darling for making you so sad.
I'm sorry for saying all the stupid things via sms to you.
I'm sorry that i jump to conclusions.
I'm sorry i hope when you need me i'll be there.
I'm sorry for making you so angry with me.
I'm sorry when you're ill i was not there.
I'm sorry.

I hope you'll be well again and we'll brave this thur.
I hope to hear from you again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the end

29.September.2009(On a Tuesday)

It has been long, since i last type a word in here. I'm glad i'm here again to type. To end this here, where it first started. It's a mix feeling now. Everything is clashing down. Indeed gravity is something not to be messed with, and that applies to love. I'm thankful for the memories. In my heart they shall be. Although i dont know what was wrong but it ended peacefully. From someone who cared so much, to someone who dont even care. Embrace the singlehood once again, cheery and merry it will be. Life still continues, with more exciting chapters ahead. Many people walked into my life together with your presence, and i'm really thankful to them. I promise not to cry anymore after tonight, i'm quite sick of it already. And the tears i want to shed in future are tears of joy like what i always was. Fate once pulled us together, and the telepathy we once shared are kept safe in my mind. The dreams we once shared were gone, but it's dreams we're talking about and now i woke up from my dream.

Monday, July 20, 2009


20.July.2009(On a Monday)

I have problems sleeping. I think too much. I need a holiday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

18.June.2009(On a Thursday)

Happy 23rd Birthday to me-17 June 2009
Thank you all for the birthday wish and i'm glad i had received quite a number of heart warming birthday wishes from alot of you. It shows that being older is not a big thing afterall. =)
I would like to also thank dear for going thru the trouble to wake up early and went to a Japanese Bakery just to get a cake for me, my mum for treating me to Marina South Pier to eat a whopping expensive yet nice seafood. And many of you who offered to give me a treat for my birthday. I felt loved. Thanks! And not forgetting the lunch that i had with dear, Jarett and Jill at Equniox, with nice view and all. The strawberry souffle cake dear bought and my whole family fought for the cake as it's super delicious. Love it to the max. Thanks all once again!

p/s:Going to bed now, playing badminton with dear tomorrow morning.
He is very irritating, my parents wanted to bring him for dinner but he feel so paiseh to come. That's my silly dear for you guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009


16.June.2009(On a Tuesday)

Happy 74th Birthday Ah Ma!

It has been a really long time since i last blogged. I just came back from my grandma's birthday with hubs and my family at Jumbo, Riverside point. It was the first time hubs met my entire family and i really mean entire now. From the youngest to the oldest, the shortest to the tallest. We sang my grandma a birthday song and later on they sang me an advanced birthday song too. So loved. And we were once again being over-stuffed with food by my uncle as usual. We had to take home the remaining dishes as my uncle as usual over-ordered. I just recovered from food poisoning, was suffering from bad stomach cramps and all for the past few days. I felt so weak and i had to trouble hubs time and again to fetch me from work. I think he must be thinking i'm 1 real mad woman cum troublesome workaholic. He as usual is always there for me and just a phone call away. He's my superman, my saviour, my daily dose of sweet stuffs. Without him, life is gonna be so tough when i need someone to be there when i get food poisoning. HAHAH! I love you hubs!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear's back from Thailand

27.May.2009(On a Wednesday)

Sometimes, will you speak something out to realise that you can't take back your words? You wish to rewind the entire scenerio but your words are faster than your mind. I went to fetch dear and family from the airport last night and the silly headed me said something that i can't rewind. When i was driving, auntie(dear's mum) was asking me some questions.

Auntie: Do you feel that the soup/ drinks in thailand are very sweet?
Me: Oh yes, i think the drinks quite sweet. But soup i'm not very sure.
Auntie: Yah and i think thailand is very dirty. More dirty than Malaysia.
Me: Oh really ah? I think Malaysia worst than Thailand? (Oh my GOD!!! Crap, auntie is from Ipoh, Malaysia)
Just at that moment, i heard dear gasping for air beside me and let out a Oh my god kind of giggle.
Auntie: No, if you see Malaysia is much more cleaner than Thailand. Like the cities and all, where got dirty? You go Thailand you see puddles of water everywhere, so dirty.
Me: Oh, ya alot of dirty water. (Turns pale)

And at night, when dear and i went for supper at teochew porridge. He was telling me about the things i said just now. And i feel really bad. And when dear told me to go to his house for lunch today, he was joking to me saying that next time just say that Malaysia is very clean and his mum will forgive me.

Shoutout: Auntie, dui bu qi, wo hen ai ni. Malaysia zhen de hen qing jie.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's the sweetest

16.May.2009(On a Saturday)

He's everyone's favourite

Isn't it every girl's dream to have a wonderful boyfriend whom dote on you, love your family and everyone at home? Some might think their boyfriend is the sweetest thing on earth because they're being showered with branded, expensive dinner and expensive dates. But i beg to differ. My boyfriend is truely someone so caring that i can never believe. He buys dinner for my grandma, ask her how is she coping and is she feeling much better. Things like these beats world's renowned designers and monogram bags. Knowing someone out there that you meet loves your family like his own, cares for their meals, their health and all makes me want to say a big thank you to him. He came to my house to watch Arsenal and Man-U match just now and i was disturbing him time to time. And he answered some of my questions in a very silly way.

Me: Dear, now i know why your metabolism so good. Smoking increases metabolism. (Big stare)
BF: Yah, some people shit then Pang sai.
Me: HUH? Say again.
BF: Some people Pang sai then shit. (engrossed with the match)
Me: Isn't Pang sai=shit?
BF: SHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (Puts his fingers on his lips and CONTINUES TO WATCH THE MATCH)

MAN! The most horrible creature.

That's my bf for you guys. Never marry a sportsman.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never been so hurt

6.May.2009(On a Wednesday)
12.20am 5 May night

A tiff.

We had a tiff today, until i just want to jump off a cliff man. I was feeling so down since yesterday because my grandma was hospitalised and i had to work full shift. Dear sms-ed me telling me that he'll be coming over to drive me after work. He knows i'm tired, depressed and needs someone to be there, though i never tell him. And it's all the things he have done for me, i wanna say a big "THANK YOU" to him. We went to Chomp Chomp for dinner as i was craving for the carrot cake so badly. When we were in the car, dear was telling me what happens if the store wasn't open. I told him that wont happened as i went so many times, the store is always open. And seriously buy 4D also not so zhun. The store is really not open. DAMN! We headed home after that and i told him that i was going to visit my grandma the next day, but i'm not sure about that as the hospital only allows 1 visitor per day and i will buy him lunch and reach about 12pm at his house. But when i woke up and all, my sister was telling me that the visiting hour is from 12pm-2pm only. And they only allow 1 visitor per day. So i went to sms hubs that i will be at his house at around 2 plus. He replied saying that It's ok he will settle his own lunch and asked me to stay with my grandma as she needs me. But thru his sms, i know he's not feeling good and all. I kept sms him and ask if he's ok, he told me he is. But later part when i was about to leave the house to the hospital, my father called and told me that my uncle is there already so i can't visit grandma for today. I immediately sms-ed him and told him i cant visit grandma already and told him i wanted to buy lunch for him. And he told me to stay at home and drink more water don't go out etc. OBVIOUSLY there is something wrong already as he sound so disappointed and monotone on phone. But in the end in the evening, i managed to visit grandma and i came home calling hubs. In the midst of the conversation, he started to get cranky again and i told him i wanted to hit the sack already and asked him to go do his own things. As i seriously dont want to pick a fight with him. In the end, he reason things out with me saying that he cooked lunch for me, but i was so last min that he ended pouring away the food away. I was really sorry for that and i apologised to him in the afternoon. But things start to get sour again when i called him so that explains him reasoning to me, crying and all. And to hear him cry on the phone is the last thing i ever wanted to do in life. I cried secretly with him as i really dont want to pick a fight with him in the 1st place. And i chose to run away. But i'm glad he's there to reason things out with me. I even joked that if he continues to shoot me at everything i say, i might have to go to shaolin to learn martial arts to battle with him. Not to worry, we're still as loving.

p/s: I love you dear. Thanks for everything. Except for the "DA DAO LI"

Friday, April 17, 2009

My boyfriend.

18.April.2009(On a Saturday)
2.50am, 17 April.

My boyfriend..
is 24 this year,
was borned on 16 March 1985,
always gives in to me,
speaks chinese to me although he's an ang moh gan dang,
hates drinking sour stuffs or anything to do with lemon/lime,
hates eating noodles with vinegar,
use very little chilli or sauce,
is sweet by nature,
stood by me during my ups and downs,
enjoys taking neoprints with me,
is full of charisma,
loves facial products/ skincare alot,
brews very good herbal tea,
cooks very well,
paints my life perfect everytime with his hugs,
is always very romantic,
has very good taste that i adore,
has the sense of humour,
makes me laugh everytime with his silly actions,
loves eating sweet as much as i do,
loves coffee more than me,
smokes like a chimney,
smiles all the time,
smells really good,
is seldom angry,
is Justin Tan Xing Liang,
and he loves me as much as i love him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back from Thailand.

8.April.2009(On a Wednesday)
1.35am, 7th april

Back from Thailand

Went for a short trip in Bangkok, Thailand. We shop and shop till we dropped. I miss Justin Tan Xing Liang like mad. It's torturing not to torture him for 5 days.

The following are evidence of me missing him:

3 April 2009, 5.17pm:
Hubs!!! Me in Thai le!!! I start to miss u like mad! Eh u knw the cathay food sucks big time! HAHA! Go back i show u the pic u will chio ga peng! I love u dear!

3 April 2009, 11.01pm:
Hubs! Oh my god its maddness we spent whole day shopping at just opp the hotel! So much shopping! Cant shop finish! hw i wish u can cum here shop with me. Miss u!!!

4 April 2009, 1.00am:
I miss u like mad u knw! dats why i kip msg u! Dear i knw i'm in thai still bu fang guo ni!! DEAR, OH MY GOD WO HEN XIANG NI ! CAN'T WAIT TO COME HOME!

5 April 2009, 12.39am:
Hubs!!! Watcha doing? I miss u like mad!!! excited to go back hug u, eat tepanyaki with you!!! Every min i think of you!!!

5 April 2009, 1.14am:
Ok dear! anyway the breakfast so-so only! Sian! HAHA OH MY GOD DEAR I GONA TABAO MISTER DONUT FOR U! VERY NICE! YOU WILL LOVE ME!

5 April 2009, 4.03pm:
When i saw the hotel's scrambled egg, i tink of u cox urs is nicer. When i saw the fake bun dat ur sis buy to trick u, i tink of u. Thailand has so many tings dat make me tink of u.

5 April 2009, 10.54pm:
hubs! How are u today? Havent heard frm u the whole day! You ok? Anyway i miss u hubs! Finally tmr last day!

6 April 2009, 2.05am:
I tink of u every min and sec and for many times i just stone cus i just want to msg u, making sure u're ok. I yearn for u so much. I miss u dear. =~(

6 April 2009, 11.38pm:
Hubs. u knw wad? 15hr more to irritating u, eating with u, spending time with u, laughing at ur jokes with u, being happy with u.

7 April 2009, 2.25am;
TAN XING LIANG!!! I'm very excited to see you tmr! Can't wait! HAHA! I miss u so much u knw?!?! Hope u're excited abt tmr too!

When i exit from the customs, i thought Justin Tan Xing Liang is outside waiting for me and my sis, but he was not in sight. So i decided to ring him up to give him a good lecture.

Me: Dear, i'm here already!
BF: Dear, i'm here too!
Me: Where are you? I didn't see you!
BF: I never see you too!
Me: I'm at belt 18. Where you?
BF: Oh, i'm at belt 23.
Me: -_-""

When he walked towards me, i stared at him real hard.

Me: You went to belt 23 to fetch who? Another girl right?

My bf must be too excited to meet me till he saw the belt number wrongly and the cute him waited so patiently for me at belt 23.

P/s: It has been a torturing 5 days. I'm glad i'm back here to embrace you once again. When i saw you at the airport, i start to smile so brightly. It's you who always make me smile. I love you when you hug me so tight when you see me. I can feel how much you miss me for this 5 days. I love you for you're the one who loves me unconditionally and everything about you is real.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April's fool

1.April.2009(On a Wednesday)

Happy April's fool

Heaven just played a fool on me. Hubs and i had a small miscommunication and zero telepathy last night and we ended up miscommunicating. I ended up crying buckets. I went to Mustafa with Grace, Lisa and Gabriel last night. But because the 3 of them did alot of shopping, i called hubs and chatted with him. And the reason for the call was because i played a prank sms on him telling him i'm very angry with him. He was worried sick so he tried to call me and i had no heart to continue to trick him so i said "HAPPY APRIL's FOOL DEAR". And we chatted on the phone for a while, while the 3 of them continued their shopping and i told hubs i'll sms/call him when i'm home. We ended up going home at 3am and i rushed my way to send all the 3 of them home, and when i sent the last one home, my phone kept ringing. I managed to pick up the last call and hubs sounded monotone and worried. So i told him i already sent my last friend home and i'm heading home now. But knowing hubs he's worried sick about me, i apologise to him and all. Because i know he's really worried about my safety and all. And i know it's something about me that is not really a good point-i always try to make everyone happy. I always care about my friends so i will always send my friends home regardless of where you stay. Hubs called me up and we had a heart-to-heart chat. He explained to me why he tried to call me and all, worried about me and all, and i should at least tell him the time i'll be sending my friends home so he will not be so worried. And he will defintely wait for my call to make sure i'm safe at home. During the conversation i cant stop crying and i tried my best to control but my nose chose to give out the elephant noise that is so loud, even people streets away can hear.

p/s: I'm sorry hubs for last night. Though later we'll be meeting and i can irritate you once again but i'm really sorry to make you worried sick. I love you hubs. xoxo.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The sick bf and me

31.March.2009(On a Tuesday)
2.15am, Monday night

The sick bf and the sick me. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

My poor bf is sick. He's sick because he brewed too many herbal stuffs for me, he worried for me too much, he cares for me too much, he always drive me to the places wherever i need/want to go, he's too irritated by me and many other reasons, but all caused by me.

BF: (Blowing his nose etc)
Me: (Talks with a semi-blocked nose) Oh my god dear, you're sick! I'm sorry i passed the germs to you.
BF: (Talks with a very blocked nose) Oh no dear it's ok, but we must keep talking ok because once we stopped, we can't breathe, cause our nose are blocked?

That's my bf for you guys, he can joke at all circumstances.
I met up with bf last night and he sent my grandma home before heading to Mustafa to grab some stuffs. We had the yummy taiwan porridge and it was our craving for the night. Our taste buds are similar, the food that we want to eat are similar, the cuisine that we want to eat are similar, he's like my evil twin. Will be heading to Bangkok with my sister, her friend and my friend this friday for 5 days without 陈兴量, and i've never experienced 5 days without irritating him. So i guess it will be tougher than going for National Service?

Without 陈兴量:
-No chinese Physician with me to brew the herbal drinks for me to build up my immune system.
-No one there to nag at me to eat your meals.
-No 陈兴量's hands for me to squeeze, pinch and flatten.
-No jokes for 5 days.
-No laughing loudly for 5 days.
-No one for me to exploit.
-No one for me to irritate.
-No one to eat food that both of us crave for.

It's a happy and sad feeling. I will be happy going there as i can shop till i dropped, sleep till i become a pig, but my bf will be in Singapore alone happily because without me=peace for him. HAHAHAHAH! And he can meet different girls everyday. So if anyone happened to spot him on the streets with other girls, please congratulate him as i'm gonna castrate him when i'm back. HAHAH! I'm gonna miss you BF! Get well soon! Thanks for everything!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a bad day! But still good with you around!

28.March.2009(On a Saturday)

Broken sandals= Bye $39.90

Yesterday dear was sweet again buying me porridge. I sometimes wonder how he can predict my waking up time because everyday is so different. Sometimes you just wished that when you wake up, the breakfast is smacked right infront of you. That is happening to me right now. Everytime when i wake up/whenever i'm sick, the moment i want to sms hubs, the next thing i know was his msg telling me he's coming with breakfast. How sweet! After breakfast, he headed home and later in the afternoon he accompanied me to the dentist. We had lunch at Far East's chicken rice and headed for gelare waffles. We had nowhere in mind so i was telling hubs we should just head home.

BF: Dear, do you want to go shop?
Me: Don't want lah! I'm going to Thailand this Friday, i don't want to buy things that are actually $3 but i ended up spending $30+ by buying in Singapore.
BF: Oh yah.
Me: Yup, so we go home bah.

But when we were walking at the Orchard Underpass to the MRT, my sandals broke and the sole was detached from the insole. But my bf can still cracked a joke.

Me: Oh my god dear, my sandals broke.
BF: Oh my god dear, come come we stand 1 side you try to walk.
Me: (Trying my best to fix them back into place and dragging my feet) Dear, i'm very angry my sandals is almost $100 from Nine West.
BF: Dear, never mind you walk slowly k.
(Walking and dragging very slowly)
BF: Eh dear.....
Me: Yah?
BF: Why you wearing a size 10 sandals?
BF: Dear, can you walk? I go get the sandals for you, you just wait for me here.
Me: I can, i can. (BF is so sweet.=))

My bf is really irritating. Because the insole was detached and i had to end up looking like a clown, looking like i'm wearing a size 10 on the right side. And we headed to Wisma in search for a new pair of sandals. He this poor thing had to accompany me to 3 shops. In the end i still ended up buying in Charles and Keith. And because the design i wanted was the last pair, i had to take the display set. And after paying, when i wanted to wear them, i found the hook missing. I showed it to Bf and burst out into laughter. HAHAAH! I told the staff but because they were really busy so i guess she must have forgotten about it. So my bf went to approach a staff from China.

BF: Hi, we've paid for the sandals but the hook is missing.
Staff: Oh, the hook missing? Then you go find yourself. (Pointing at the pile of shoes on the floor)
BF: Angry and speechless.

In the end, we approached the previous staff and reminded her.

Me: Dear, thanks! HHAHAA! So embarrassed.
BF: Never mind dear, it's ok.
Me: Dear, thanks!
BF: See lah dear, so much for going to Thailand to shop. Now have to spend.

What a day! Thanks BF! You've seen me being so embarrassed. AHAHAH!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet Melody

26.March.2009(On a Thursday)

Down with flu, Sore throat and fever. What's New?

I'm home. Wei Sheng gave Valerie and me a buffet treat. Went home halfway during work as i was feeling really very sick. Luckily Candy gave me her medicine to ease me and headed home with a really heavy head. Pictures soon!

25.March.2009(On a Wednesday)

BF day

Bought lunch for hubs. A really late one as i had to wait for the stall to open. HAHAH! Went for movie- "Coming Soon". The movie was a mixture of funny and horror but not horror scenes. HAHA! When we came out from the cinema, my dear bf start to irritate me again.

Me: Dear, do you like the movie?
BF: Oh, NOOOOO! Who said the movie is nice?
Me: HAHAHAH! My best friend.
BF: Oh, Ok. Who said the movie is nice?
Me: My best friend.
BF: WOW! Who said the movie is nice?
BF: Oh, your best friend is very nice to say that the movie is nice.

Irritating! We had Japanese food for dinner. He ordered a bowl of vegetarian curry with big chunks of vegetables which i think bf kinda enjoyed it because he dont eat carrots etc in big chunks. AHAAHH! After the movie, we wanted to have some waffles and dear's friend told us to go to East Coast gelare cause they open till late. And guess what? The cafe's not even open man. Your friend's nice too dear. =) .

Morale of the story: Never believe your friends!

24.March.2009(On a Tuesday)

Sweet love

I love bf! He cooked a very delicious and filling breakfast for me. I love bf! His eggs are nice! I love bf! His bacon are nice! I love bf! His toast are nice! I love bf! His baked beans are nice! I love bf! The whole breakfast is nice! I had to help Ruwen out in her wedding photo shoot and since i'm going to wake up early in the morning, i asked bf the night before if he wanted breakfast so we can go eat together/ i buy for him. But he being the husband factor insisted that he wanted to cook for me. SWEET! He washed the dishes for me also. Even if i wanted to wash the cups, i had to do it in a very secretive manner. And that is when he went to his room, i proceed to do the washing. It was pouring like mad and he shelter me to the bus stop as i had to take bus to Ruwen's house. The funny part was he thought the bus stop was near blk 18, then he thought it was at blk 10, but actually it was at blk 25. HAHAH! The distance was a big difference. I laughed my ass off man because if i was him, i would have felt so cheated. HAHA! The photo shoot was extremely fun and tiring. We went to HortPark and studio. More pictures up soon! =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love you

23.March.2009(On a Monday)
12.57am Sunday night

A failed relationship in the past does not determine the present one. I'm glad i've found him.

Just met up with dear. He went to fetch me home from work. We headed to Holland village for some coffee. Had some heart-to-heart chats and also he confessed his love for Angela. HAHAH! I really wanna say a big thank you to my sweetheart!
Everyday he goes the extra mile just for me, just to make sure i'm safe and sound. Everyday he's like my comfort food. Even though i always try not trouble him, he's always there to make sure i trouble him. Even though sometimes i try my best not to irritate him, he's always there to make sure i get to irritate him every now and then. He's part of my life and the one i needed the most.
For my past relationship, i remembered i was being treated like a piece of junk. Maybe worst than that. The guy was always late, always mood swing and always taking revenge. When he treats you well, you're on cloud 9. But when he treats you badly, you are worst than a dirt. But Justin is completely different. He treats me very well, he never let me wait, never let me go hungry, never let me be sad, he cry and laugh with me. I cry once because i was too afraid to lose him, but he's always assuring me. Thanks dear! I love you!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get well soon dearest!

21.March.2009(On a Saturday)

Get well soon dearest! Hugs.

The poor boy is hospitalised in and out for the past few days. Poor thing! Went to hospital during his 1st day stay to visit him and discharge with him. The hospital was unbearable so i truely understand how badly he wants to be discharged at that time. Right after that we went to have steamboat and he was admitted again in the morning! Oh my god! Went to pay him a visit at his house last night and we went to have bak ku teh. AHHAHAHAHA! Sounds kinda funny! Get well soon honey! Can't wait to have more dinner, lunch, breakfast, supper, tea-time, tea-breaks, food breaks, food hunt, food search and more irritating sessions with you all well and kicking!
Going to his house to watch Guess, Guess, Guess!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Darling!

17.March.2009(On a Tuesday)

Happy Belated 24th Birthday Darling! (Singapore time)
Happy 24th Birthday Darling! (Europe time)

Birthday was a blast! We took neoprints, eat lotsa junk, celebrations, spent quantity time and of cause, EXCHANGE PYJAMAS to wear! HAHA! My bf's a nonsense, just like me. I told him to meet at 4pm at my house so we're able to go out together. Was chatting with him on msn at 2 plus and i had to go out to take the cake, but he had to spoil my plan!

Me: Dear, i gtg!
BF: Where you going?
Me: t.v.
BF: Watch T.V? What programme you watching?
Me: My sister need to use the computer so i need to go watch T.V. Cannot is it?
BF: Oh ok.

My bf is just so irritating. He knows me too well till i cant give him surprises for god's sake! And because of his suspicious, it began to pour like mad. Till i have to go out and get the cake at 3 plus. And he told me to wait for him at my blk at 4pm and in order to suprise him again, i had to think of another excuse to lure him to my house.

The sms i sent:
Dear, can you come to my house later? There is this dog show that is very nice. I want to watch. So maybe we'll head out later.

He came and i told him i want to go to the toilet and TADAH! i came out with the cake. But he knew every move i make already. IRRITATING! Oh yah, and i was very sad as i was preparing the candles before he came and all, i left my cake in the fridge and everything just went right down onto the cake. And 1 side was gone. I was so sad. But luckily i managed to take some pictures before the cake was destroyed. We headed to Grand Plaza Park Royal for buffet dinner. I LOVE SMOKED SALMON! I WANT SMOKED SALMON! And my bf was irritating once again. He told me he needed to go to the washroom and when he returned he told me an irritating news!

BF: Dear, i paid for the food already!
Me: How come? Why you pay? (couldn't register what he was talking)
BF: Erm, no how come cause i pay already!
Me: HUH? OH MY GOD! YOU MEAN YOU PAY FOR THE BUFFET? YOU'RE VERY IRRITATING! By the way dear, i got 15% discount leh! And it's your birthday, you shouldnt pay!
BF: OH MY GOD dear, why you never say earlier!
Me: HAHAHAA, you never ask you very irritating!

That's how we irritate each other!

Together for life, indeed

Junia loves Birthday boy!

The one i always irritate

Darling, Happy Birthday! 16 March 2009

Sheng ri kuai le, qing ai de!

I love you silly

My telepathy bf!

Happiness all around!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday hubs!

16.March.2009(On a Monday)

Happy 24th Birthday to you hubs!

陈兴量, 生日快乐! 你这个老头子!
Can't wait to see you later. =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You're just so sweet

12.March.2009(On a Thursday)

You're just so sweet.
I told you jokingly i wanted Macgriddles for breakfast before i sleep. You told me you going to sleep already, so did i. But the moment i woke up, i sms-ed you telling you the usuals. Next, my sis told me someone called me. I answered, and it's you!

BF: DEAR! Why you never answer your hp?
Me: Oh, cause i just woke up and didnt on the melody.
BF: Oh, then have you eaten?
Me: No, havent. (sense something fishy)
BF: Oh dear, you said you wanted Macgriddles for breakfast right so now open your door! I bought Macgriddles for you and your sister.
BF: HAHAHA! ok, go open the door and eat the macgriddles.

The breakfast came with a note and MY SWEET BF THE BIG SILLY wrote:



p/s: I love you too silly. Tomorrow i want abalone and bird's nest for breakfast! Thanks dear, i know it will come true! Thanks in advance! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

With you around

12.March.2009(On a Thursday)

With you around, i'm free from worries.
With you around, i'm a happy girl.
With you around, you make my life complete.
With you around, my world revolves around you.
With you around, life is so sweet without sugar.
With you around, there will always be laughter.
With you around, i felt so loved.
With you around, you always make sure i'm ok.
With you around, i feel safe all the time.
With you around, i smile every min and sec.
With you around, you made me forget my sorrows.

I used to face problems and difficulties at night under the blanket crying. But now i have you, i do not have to depend on my blanket cause your shoulders are always there for me.

Oh wait.... i wrote the above before bf types the following conversation:

jUStiN™ says:
dearrr..wa zhen siew yah chwee kueh dui si ni!

[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:
ga lor mee dui wa si boh
li BEST!
jUStiN™ says:
i wanna irritate u by slurping on yellow noodlesss
[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:

He knows i hate lor mee, chwee kueh and yellow noodles. So now he want to use all that to irritate me! So i guess i must delete the sweet stuffs that i wrote cause he's so IRRITATING! AHAHAH!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks for everything

9.March.2009(On a Monday)

So sick. Thanks love for everything.

On mc today, was down with fever, sorethroat, flu etc. I was at home lazing around and all till bf called me and asked what was i doing etc. And he told me he was at my doorstep. It was pouring heavily outside and he brave the rain to just bring me porridge and thermometer. He's really 1 sweet bf i must say. Sometimes i really wonder if i am the bf and he's the gf? HAHAH!

jUStiN™ says:
=) are u feeling?
[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:
better liao dear
after ur ai xin porridge
omg dear wad abt u
jUStiN™ says:
thats good to hear dearr...haha. if i had the time, i would cooked it for u..
so not really considered ai xin porridge


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Funny bf

6.March.2009(On a Friday)

My funny bf

I'm having a conversation with 陈兴量 now. And he's super irritating!!! HAAHHA!!

jUStiN™ says:
ai mi ai ai cong wa ki siao ah?
[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:
am mee ai cong li chio
jUStiN™ says:
am meee.. haha

[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:

jUStiN™ says:
okiee..thats new.
ah mee la!

[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:
li ga cong wa ki siao

jUStiN™ says:
buey siew gong buey siew mai kong siew siew dua dua nia

[WeiQi] Please visit for cheap authentic fragrances. Kindly contact me with regards to prices.Thanks! says:
tuck li cong wa chio ga ba doh tia

jUStiN™ says:
Li eh HoKKiEn Buey Siew lah!
dearrr. end of lesson.

Tell me how can you not laugh with such irritating bf! AHHAHAHA!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


5.March.2009(On a Thursday)

4th.March.2009(On a Wednesday)
Wednesday was all good with you around. Went shopping a lil in search for his birthday gift, plans running though my mind, surprises surprises surprises! Was looking forward to the actual day itself though i'll be shagged by then. But nevertheless, it's love that matters. Went to meet love up at around 7pm. The poor him has to wait at home till my return as i went to search for his birthday gift so i cant bring him along! But he's still the old sweet romance that oftens ask me to sms him where i am so he can pick me up from there. We headed to Central for a hearty dinner of Mr Curry, the splendid deco and all. Helipad for some drinks and splendid view of the riverside. Headed to telok blangah hill aftermath for some exercise. HHAHA! We climbed the stairs like there's no tomorrow, to find out that there is actually so many people up the hills. They must have hear our complains and all when we were in the midst of climbing up.

Here's a picture of his birthday cake i ordered for his birthday from SweetSecrets

I love you 陈兴量! Love's good with you around!

Friday, February 27, 2009


27.Feb.2009(On a Friday)
2.55am on 28.Feb.2009


Went to Dentist in the morning and next to meet Soo hui to pass her perfume in the afternoon at Toa Payoh. Met up with dear after that as we wanted to go to the soup restaurant to eat the samsui chicken and i was craving so badly for it. Went to the branch located in ROYAL PLAZA at scotts and we headed to heeren aftermath in search for some watches. Headed over to Cineleisure for some neoprints love! We then went to HortPark and to Jewel box for some drinks and heart to heart talk. Home Sweet Home after.

Love is about me and you

You make me smile once again!

Everything is possible with you around!

P/S my love: Thanks for everything dear! It's always happiness and laughter with you around! Thanks for buying the Korean Maggie Mee for me to try! And next time i will be less troublesome and just let you fetch from wherever i am! I know what you meant. And you always take the effort to fetch me home/go out regardless of any venue i am at. You make my life so beautiful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exams Fever

25.Feb.2009(On a Wednesday)
1.27am on 26th Feb 2009

Exams Fever

I was on my way home after work on the bus, taking a few winks and all. When i woke up, i saw this pregnant lady standing 2 seats away from me. She was using 1 hand to cover her stomach, preventing anybody to hit her. To my horror, the 2 guys beside me pretended to fall asleep! I stood up and tried to reach for her shoulders so i can give my seat up to her. She thank me and all, but the sight of pregnant lady standing on the bus makes me kinda sad for them. Where is all the Singaporean's morale man?

Bf's having exams next week so he's mugging like mad this few days but we never fail to chat everynight with his LAME jokes and all. He never fails to crack me up! He's having all my genes now being so hyper every min and sec. He's studying like a bookworm every night till morning, poor him! And guess what he does in the day? It's out of the ordinary!

BF: Hey Dear, can you return me the thermal flask?
Me: NOOOOOO! I thought you said you give that to me? So you're not supposed to take back! (Always disturb him)
BF: Errr yes i said that but can i have it back?
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!
BF: Errrr.....but if you dont give it back i can't give you the chrysanthemum tea i brew for you! And yes i brew chrysanthemum tea for you!
Me: Oh....then if that's the case, you go buy another flask yourself and give me the other flask also! AHAHHAHAHAH!
BF: Ok! Cancan. The next time i will make you different soup.
Me: So sweet can.
BF: Yes, i'm like a house husband!
Me: -_-""".HAHAHAHAH!

So besides studying, he's like making different kinds of healthy drinks for me.
I'm sorry bf i'm not a good housewife next time! But he promised to send me for cooking lessons in future! AHAHAHA!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple yet sweet

22.Feb.2009(On a Sunday)
2.12am 23 Feb 2009

Love-Simple yet sweet

Took my off today and accompanied Ruwen to Susan's bridal shop. Was supposed to meet dearest but some things cropped up so we ended up not meeting. Was suspecting something was wrong with my phone again. Indeed when i was replying some mails i received a call from BF at around 9 plus.

BF: Dear, what happened to your hp?
Me: Oh shit, i think got problem again?
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like what's new?
BF: Dear, are you thirsty?
Me: Huh?EHhh...NooOoo?
BF: Why you not thirsty dear? I think you must be thirsty!
Me: Ehhh, but i really not thirsty.
BF: Dear, can you be thirsty?
Me: Huh? Oh Ok i'm thirsty.
BF: Ok dear, see you in 15 mins i coming your house now give you the barley water i made for you! I'll call you when i reached!
Me: (Beaming with joy) Oh Ok dear, then can you call my other number?
BF: Dont worry dear i'll call both of your number!

He's sucha sweetheart.=)

The reasons why i love my bf so much:
-He's always there for me.
-He never flares up at me.
-He's always ever ready to meet me compromise to my timing.
-He always does sweet things that makes me go "Awwwww".
-He's the only one who has so much telepathy with me.
-He knows i love food so much and he always bring me to different places to dine.
-He's always patient with me.
-He knows how to juggle between sch,work and me!
-He always make sure i'm ok.
-He is always there for me to irritate.
-He speaks good english.
-He can type both chinese and hokkein Hanyu Pinyin very well although he's a gan dang. He type funny words like "Dear, you huat seo?" "Dear, i got kar and chiew!"
-He's the only 1 i often think of.
-He always ask what i want and he orders that for me.
-He has good taste and i love everything that he buys for me.
-He drives my sister and I to the pet farm, knowing my sister loves dogs.
-He is willing to go the extra mile just for me, just to see me happy.
-He always put me before self.

He's the love i've been looking for all along. =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


19.Feb.2009(On a Thursday)
1.14am on 20th Feb

We caught "He's just NOT that into you"

I went to help out at the Nike's fashion show today from 8am-5pm. I'm allowed to bring home Nike apparels, latest collection FREE! I LOVE FREEBIES! I took a jacket, 3 ladies tee and 1 man tee and a pants. Gave the man's tee and 1 of the ladies tee to dear and his sis. Met up with him in town to change my sim card at Plaza Singapura. And hilarious things happened again. Like the person at the counter dont know how to open up my sim card/hp/battery and all. And i'm also puzzled too. Went to dine at Crystal Jade aftermath with dear. Caught the movie "He's just NOT that into you" at Vivo city. Headed home after that. A sweet and lovely time spent with dearest though the movie was kinda draggy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So sweet

16.feb.2009(On a Monday)

jUStiN™ is @ home. Lov said (9:10 AM):
When I lost faith,you believed in me, when I stumbled, you were right there, For every act of love you've done,I owe you one.There were hard times, I know I survived, just because you stayed by my side.
With all I have, with all I am, I promise you all my life. Whenever the road is too long, whenever the wind is too strong, wherever this journey may lead to,I will be there for you. =)Luv u dear

Valentine's Day

15.Feb.2009(On a Sunday)
1.23am 16th Feb Night

Belated Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's day! Valentine's day was well-spent with dearest though it was kind of belated already when i met him after work. Drove to his house and i was too early and he was speeding his way home! HAHAA, sorry baby! The silly him bought lilies for me. He was walking from his car to mine carrying the bouquet of lilies with the silly grin of his face. I love lilies, i'm surprised he knows. Guess we have too much of a telepathy? We have the same taste and all, just that he loves lor-mee and chwee kueh whereas i don't. That's the only difference! We 1st headed to deliver a cologne to Elvin's house and headed to Sentosa aftermath. Halfway thru the journey, i suddenly remembered that i had bought him some royce chocs in the afternoon during lunch. Was rather panic and all to come up with an excuse to drive home and take, i told him i needed to get something from home. I took the presents and lilies up to my house and saw another box inside the burberry paper bag. But never did i know what was inside the box, a box full of surprises from the silly him. In Sentosa, we saw like a human mat(our joke) in Sentosa, it was really hilarious! The same reaction and thoughts running thru our mind and we burst out into laughter! HAHA! Ended the night at 3.30am and we both headed home. And the surprise was not only he bought me a burberry keypouch because he knows i'm a messy woman, is the other box that i mentioned earlier. He wrote 10 messages in 10 bottles and some of the messages are so hilarious. Let me share with you folks!

Justin's messages to Junia:
1) I LOVE the way you talk to me until i fall asleep.
2) I LOVE the way you hug me, with your ear upon my heart.
3) You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going!
4) I LOVE your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care!
5) Just being with you feels like I can defy the world!
6) Your LOVE gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead!
7)LOVE is what you mean to me and you mean everything.
8) You always make me feel that you are by my side no matter what!
9) I LOVE the way you stare at me with those beautiful eyes!

*The 10th msg got stuck in the bottle so yet to be revealed. HAHA!

The 1st message really cracks me up as when i 1st know him, he was sucha sleepy head that he dozes off when i was in a midst of my conversation with him. I hear no replies and all and repeated 2 HELLOS then he finally replied with a "OH yes yes, i'm here." He's trying to fake awake but i ain't no 3 years old! HEHE! That's my bf for you folks!

To my love:
The night was fun driving a bus(Honda Stream), burrying my feet with sand, passing the sand with both our hands and it takes 2 hands to clap, staring hard at the human mat in the sand cove. The night was splendid and well-spent!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

14.Feb.2009(On a Saturday)

Happy Valentine's Day to all

I'm going to meet Bf later in the night! I'm excited to see the silly dearest. The one who is always there for me.

This is a letter that he sent me :

Dearest Weiqi,
Sometimes at night..when I look 2 e sky..I start thinking of u n then ask myself “why”, “Why do I love you?” I think and smile, becoz I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of yr voice, e warmth of yr touch, so mani little things make me luv u so much. The way u support me..even my silly notions. The way tt u care n show such devotion..e way tt yr kiss, fills me wif desire n how u hold me wif e warmth of a fire. The way yr eyes shine when u look at me, lost wif u 4ever is where I want to be..the way tt I feel when your by my side..a sense of completion n overflowing pride.The dreams tt I dream, tt all involve u..the possibilities I see..the tings we can you finish the puzzle that lies inside my deep in my soul..u are a very impt part.It's e beauty of yr's evrything tt udo...for I c happiness when I look at u..e way you dance,your silly wink..e wae u laugh..or simply how u blink. The love I feel when u hold me tight..a love 2 keep me warm thru e coldest of u make me feel, how you open up my heart. All e hopes that you bring right from the start. How yr tender kisses can put me in a daze. I love you dearie in each and every u lift me u gave me flight..4ever is wat I see when I look into yr heart beats to a new rhythm, a rhythm of love! all becox of u my angel sent frm above. u're my ray of light on those dark..gloomy days. u're the answer to all of my prayers. I can continue wif my list is endless. 4 I love you more and more as each day progresses. So why do I love you? ..let me tell you why..bcoz u're my hopes, my dreams, my love my life. I thank God he sent u to me..4 you and I were meant 2 be. We haf a bond too strong to break...we haf a love no one can you, I have found a love so heart is filled with love 4 you...Every time I see heart skips a beat..u make my life whole..u make my life love 4 you grows more with each passing day..e tot of yr gorgeous face takes my breath away! Those eyes fill my soul with happiness..Those luscious lips I love to kiss...The day when I become your husband will be the happiest day of my life. Even thinking of that day makes me smile..I can't wait utill I walk down that aisle.I dream of that day when we'll both say, "I do" 4 always and forever... I will love you. Love is being with you, Love is about me thinking of u no matter what happens, Love only happens because its you, I don’t doubt our love, because deep down in my heart I know I love you, I might complain but I only complain because I love u..Love is about forgiving each other, Love is going through obstacles...breaking all boundaries, I thank you for loving me, thank you for being there for me, thank you for letting me fall in love with you. I'm sorry to hurt you when I didn’t understand you, Love is just being able to spend sometime with u and loving every moment that I spent with you, seeing you and dreaming about our future, letting me know how blessed I am, Love is about me being worried about everything, Love is about me dreaming of you day and night, Love is giving up everything for the girl, seeing her smile no matter what happens giving her complete happiness, Love is about me and you, and it starts here my dear , no matter how hard this is going to be, no matter what we meet in future, I want to walk through it with you, I cant afford to lose you, I hope that we can grow old together, I don’t wish to lose you I need you...last but not least its one big I love you that I need to tell you, who I meet is not important as long as I have you. A million words from my heart, all summarized into a little compo written for you, a life with a girl, a life of mine, like the beautiful moments that are captured in the skies, feeling ur skin on mine, feeling your lips on mine, feelings that I cannot describe, just so full of love. We talked everything out yesterday and I felt much better, maybe its the way u put it to me, telling me dear your different assuring, looking at u when I was all silent, makes me feel so disgusted with myself, looking at your eyes when u want me to just tell u why! Why!? Seeing you makes me believe in love! Makes me feel special, not like before, in the past I felt like an empty soul, lost in his own world...till I met you. You are gorgeous, and I burn with desires to make you happy, this is an endless love, a love that would never end, always building up, always growing. I feel so secured when im in ur arms, when we just stand somewhere and give each other a hug, and u make me feel perfect in everyway, although I know im not that perfect, I think to I what u want? Is it really me...Could I have been ur mistake to fall in love with, this is where I feel so lucky, a princess of your kind had fallen for me...a peasant. I am nothing, you are everything...You are that girl who brought this peasant life of my complete happiness, a time where this boy felt that love was never there...u gave me the chances...I get annoyed at the faintest reason, you explain to me...with love and concern. Showing me not to be afraid, because your all mine. I believe! I believe u my dear, like the song when u touch my face, when u call my name.... I burn with desire. A desire to love you, a desire to see you smile, a desire to dare to dream about our future...And your all that in my eyes, a pretty angel from the skies to safe me from my miserable life.... Sitting in front of my com today, staring into the blank air, thinking of the girl, thinking of my love, telling people that I miss you and hoping to talk to you once again....I miss you. Justin, to a girl so special....dear…you made me realize that you’re my lucky star….the gorgeous princess of the fairy tale love story. You complete me...and I hope to complete your story…cos without you, there’s no story and life will mean a lot less to me…cos you’re that one piece of jigsaw which completes the whole picture puzzle.
Justin 140209

I LOVE you Justin Tan Xing Liang always!
He's my everything!