Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the end

29.September.2009(On a Tuesday)

It has been long, since i last type a word in here. I'm glad i'm here again to type. To end this here, where it first started. It's a mix feeling now. Everything is clashing down. Indeed gravity is something not to be messed with, and that applies to love. I'm thankful for the memories. In my heart they shall be. Although i dont know what was wrong but it ended peacefully. From someone who cared so much, to someone who dont even care. Embrace the singlehood once again, cheery and merry it will be. Life still continues, with more exciting chapters ahead. Many people walked into my life together with your presence, and i'm really thankful to them. I promise not to cry anymore after tonight, i'm quite sick of it already. And the tears i want to shed in future are tears of joy like what i always was. Fate once pulled us together, and the telepathy we once shared are kept safe in my mind. The dreams we once shared were gone, but it's dreams we're talking about and now i woke up from my dream.

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