Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

18.June.2009(On a Thursday)

Happy 23rd Birthday to me-17 June 2009
Thank you all for the birthday wish and i'm glad i had received quite a number of heart warming birthday wishes from alot of you. It shows that being older is not a big thing afterall. =)
I would like to also thank dear for going thru the trouble to wake up early and went to a Japanese Bakery just to get a cake for me, my mum for treating me to Marina South Pier to eat a whopping expensive yet nice seafood. And many of you who offered to give me a treat for my birthday. I felt loved. Thanks! And not forgetting the lunch that i had with dear, Jarett and Jill at Equniox, with nice view and all. The strawberry souffle cake dear bought and my whole family fought for the cake as it's super delicious. Love it to the max. Thanks all once again!

p/s:Going to bed now, playing badminton with dear tomorrow morning.
He is very irritating, my parents wanted to bring him for dinner but he feel so paiseh to come. That's my silly dear for you guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009


16.June.2009(On a Tuesday)

Happy 74th Birthday Ah Ma!

It has been a really long time since i last blogged. I just came back from my grandma's birthday with hubs and my family at Jumbo, Riverside point. It was the first time hubs met my entire family and i really mean entire now. From the youngest to the oldest, the shortest to the tallest. We sang my grandma a birthday song and later on they sang me an advanced birthday song too. So loved. And we were once again being over-stuffed with food by my uncle as usual. We had to take home the remaining dishes as my uncle as usual over-ordered. I just recovered from food poisoning, was suffering from bad stomach cramps and all for the past few days. I felt so weak and i had to trouble hubs time and again to fetch me from work. I think he must be thinking i'm 1 real mad woman cum troublesome workaholic. He as usual is always there for me and just a phone call away. He's my superman, my saviour, my daily dose of sweet stuffs. Without him, life is gonna be so tough when i need someone to be there when i get food poisoning. HAHAH! I love you hubs!