Friday, October 2, 2009

Unlucky to the max

2.October.2009(On a Friday)

Real unlucky week

I've really gone through the worst this week. Super screwed up life/work/family etc. My work's really shit. After i went to work yesterday the staffs all came to question me regards to the buyer's mistakes and alot of customers called up and question, my boss called to lecture me of our returns. My collegues called and asked me how to handle the whole situation. I'm completely drained. At that moment i just want to scream. And i didn't even go for breaks, just in case something screwed up again and i'm not there.


And whenever i have off days, i will visit my grandparents and it's really irritating when both of my grandparents start to complain to me about each other. And start to scold me just because they're beating around the bush to spike the other party. I'm really totally drained. Too many things running until when i become weak and when i withdraw $ from the atm, i forgot to take the cash but luckily i remember and went back and the cash's still there. I forgot this, forgot that. So many things. I worry too much and i think too much. And i'm running away from reality, after yesterday and the entire drama mama, i told my collegues i need a break despite having so many breaks. I need a break to clear my wandering soul. And i went to my grandparents' place and there they are again complaining.

p/s: To be able to live is happiness, but to know how to live is miserable.

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